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The Author : Maddie Caser

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Maddie Caser is a pen name. I was born in 1988 in France and grew up in the Parisian suburbs. After graduating from high school, I decided to take a year off and moved to England where I lived and studied for several years. I graduated in Arts & Events management, having a strong interest in the arts and their representation. I have always been keen on the Arts and always admire people’s creative and artistic skills.

I spent most of my twenties abroad. After a mesmerising trip to Cambodia and an interesting twist of fate, I ended up working and living there for a couple of years.

Eventually, I received a job offer that led me back to my home country and settled down in Paris with my partner.

I started working full-time on Ordinem Legacy in late 2020. I had written the first chapters a few years back, thinking that one day I would get the chance to finish it.

Writing Ordinem Legacy story was such an incredible experience and I absolutely loved it! I have learnt so much about the book industry, but also about myself. The book tells the story of Louise’s journey, but also is the beginning of mine as an author.

Maddie Caser's interview by Ash Oldfield, author of the Rachaya book series here (01.02.2022)


‘Ordinem Legacy Part 1 : Becoming’ is a fiction novel. It is the first part of a sequel trilogy.

Ordinem Legacy follows the story of Louise Bailey, a wine professional in her thirties, living in London and starting experiencing particularly strong symptoms after a regular night out with friends. Soon after, she realizes those symptoms are more than a simple hangover. Through diverse flashbacks and the help of a mystery man, she will understand what she is going through and will face a life-changing choice taking her on an unforeseen path full of adventures.

The story is contemporary and depicts our modern world with realistic characters. It is easy to read and offers a dynamic plot.

Ordinem Legacy is a cross-genre fiction that blends mystery, adventure, fantasy and a bit of romance.

Cover Design by Hélène Rozenberg
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